Glenn has represented Australia in international Ice Sculpting Competitions including Canada, Japan (9 times), Norway, New Zealand, Belgium and China and has judged international contests in Germany and Canada.
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Ice Worlds - Germany 2004

Ice Worlds - Germany 2004

'Cross Sections of Australia' Canada 91

Canada 1991

Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week

U.N. 50th Aniversary, Ottawa - Canada

World Championships, Japan 98

4th place, Winterlude Comp. Canada 95

Canada 1991

Norway, Winter Olympics

Interviewed, Canada 2000

Winterlude Comp. Canada 2000

'Gateway to Australia' Canada 2000

Detail from 'Gateway to Aust.'

Carving in Japan



Australian Site Fighting Kangaroos Centinary of Federation Logo The Reef A Wave A Merino Sheep The man from Snowy River Koala

ABOVE IS THE AUSTRALIAN SITE (click on individual sculptures to find out how they were created)

Glenn was invited by the High Commission of Canada to design and lead a team of Australian Ice Sculptors to produce a feature exhibition in the centre of Ottawa, in conjunction with their major winter Festival, 'WINTERLUDE'. He assembled a team of ice carvers and with his "Gateway to Australia" design and created his own special ice magic.


The following is a collection of individual pieces. (click to enlarge)

The Opera House

Centenary of Federation Logo

The Fighting Kangaroos

Merino sheep & Man from Snowy River



Catamaran (left end of reef)

Great Barrier Reef

Surfer (right end of reef)

Site DAY 1

Reef with Wave

Site midway through


Next is how some of the pieces were created. (click to enlarge)

Centenary of Federation Logo

Creating the stack

Adding the logo

Finishing off

Fighting Kangaroos

Base blocks

Midway construction

Paws to be added

Finished in the sun


A lonely start

Working at the base

Finishing touches

Opera House

A great day for ice stacking

Non-stop hard work

Just finished

The Man From Snowy River

I can see it?

Almost finished

It was a great ride

Merino Sheep

More stacking

Hard to work when snowed under

Good finish but

Great Barrier Reef

A great beginning

Midway construction

Creating a shark

Lots of finishing touches

The Wave

Is it a wave yet?

Bit rough!

Almost a great pipeline

Surfer's paradise


This will be good

Is it seaworthy?

Let's go sailing